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Repair Cells
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Welcome to Hydrate Wellness

We are committed to helping you achieve optimal health and wellness through a holistic approach combining evidence based science with natural solutions to improve your health and well-being.

 Our model includes a 4-pillar approach to health and wellness that includes:    Kaqun Oxygen Water Immersion Baths, Analemma Coherent Water Immersion Baths, Hydrogen Water Immersion Baths, NLS Longevity Scans and Nutrition Counseling, Supplementation and Detoxification protocols.

Turn Back Time

Our mission is to help you turn back time by establishing a new revolutionary way of optimizing your health.

At Hydrate Spa you will experience a level of relaxation and restoration coupled with a full body infusion of renewed cellular energy unlike anything you have felt before! Our unique combination of water therapies, longevity scan and nutritional supplementation are nothing short of miraculous.

Kaqun Water

Oxygen-rich water everyone can benefit from increased oxygen intake. Regular consumption of Kaqun water allows for cellular regeneration and repair to take place through increased oxygen availability to the cells.

This in turn:

• Strengthens the immune system
• Promotes health
• Detoxifies the body
• Enhances cellular regeneration
• Reduces hypoxia (deprivation of oxygen supply)
• Positively influences metabolism on a cellular level


Kaqun water is safe!

Kaqun is an oxygen-rich water with over 20 years of clinical and laboratory scientific studies conducted at universities and government institutions published in scientific journals worldwide.

Studies conducted on Kaqun water performed on healthy and sick volunteers, animals and in vitro, have highlighted its ability to increase oxygen levels in the tissues. There are no chemical substances of any kind used in the “Kaqun system”. The water is only subjected to a proprietary electromagnetic treatment. Kaqun utilizes an impartial, specialized committee comprised of medical and scientific professionals independent of any pharmaceutical or agri-food group for non-biased research on its product.

Analemma Coherent Water

Did you know that 99% of your molecules are water?

You are 70% water in body mass, but 99% water on a molecular level! You are basically very clever water. That is why quality, the composition, and the “shape” of water you drink, tremendously influences your life. The health of your body and mind depend on it.

Body And Mind Revitalization

In the recent independent GlycanAge study, the participants that consumed Analemma treated water for three months experienced an incredible 1-12 years of biological age revitalization. Their whole system got revitalized on the cellular level.

Analemma water harmonizes all living things.

It has power to restore the balance necessary for life to thrive.

HYDRATE Wellness

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